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Carmani products are the definition of everlasting beauty.
The extraordinary world of art that accompanies you during the most ordinary daily activities…? Why not!
CARMANI products lets you enjoy the timeless style of famous paintings, which allow for a moment to feed the soul with its beauty. Each item is timidly trying to move us into the amazing world of art, and gives a sense that there are things that will last forever… 
Thanks to the highest quality of porcelain and incredible attention to detail while preparing the designs, each CARMANI product makes meeting over coffee a unique experience…

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There is a local distributor that does wholesale and stores can purchase from

There is no local distributor. Stores can purchase directly at Hanipol who will then organize shipment

Distrubution of Carmani products is done both through local distributors as well as Hanipol

Armenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, USA, Hungary, Israel

Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Georgia, Spain,  Spain Canary islands, Netherlands, Macedonia, Germiany, Nigeria, Portugal, Reunion Islands, Taiwan, Italy

Bulgaria, Croatia, Columbia, Estonia, Latvia, Montenegro, France, Izrael, Japan, Slovakia, Ukraine, Great Britain


Have you ever wondered what is the history of cups, sugar bowls or the subtle figurines that decorate the antique shelf space? It often turns out that the story of the most beautiful objects could have been initiated decades ago. Although at present times, abounding in new companies, producing valuables at a speed of a machinegun, it’s hard to believe in a multigenerational company that is all about the tradition and lasting values.

Carmani is a company with a very rich history and it‘s unconventional life has affected the style and diversity of the offer. Brand was founded at the beginning of the previous century by Preston family. Representatives of the family were known and featured among the upper crust of the society, appreciating the artistry and bold, but always elegant visions of designers. Bonanza of the experts of sophisticated interior design, faltered with the advent of the interwar period and the Preston family was forced into exile. The choice fell on Australia.

Carmani Preston – founder of Carmani manufacuring – had discovered a completely new life. Pervasive atmosphere of freedom, great opportunities, and general welfare completely changed her way of feeling beautiful, fueling the development of creativity. This is where the most interesting pieces of work of the artist were created and then sold to major companies, delighted of the possibility to issue their own brand under Carmani manufacturing. Products were a great success, and Carmani was flooded with new orders.

Carmani’s daughter – Vanessa, returned to Europe, in order to trave and live in many different countries. International experience, getting to know different cultures and first hand contact with local artists led to her exploration of many opposing themes affecting the diversity of her projects. The world of great artists is also a world of high expectations, which Vanessa had to stand up to. The designer has learned through them to look for the best solution, rather then content with only decent and proper forms, she refined each of her visions to perfection.

 Towards the end of the twentieth century, Hanipol delighted by the richness of history, reflected in every product, bought a stake in the Carmani company. After several years, it became the major shareholder and at the present day – the sole owner of the brand. Carmani will continue to satisfy the aesthetic tastes of successive generations.

Design studio

We specialize in the design of unique porcelain decorations, outstanding packaging solutions and promotional materials. We are able to create computer aided visualisations that give the ability to see the final product already in the early stages of development. Close cooperation with our customers during every stage of design makes our work to be aligned perfectly with their wishes and demands, thus making our final concepts to be very well received.

Carmani design studio reflects all the experience, art education, and numerous professional trainings that it’s designers have in their pockets. Its expertise, extensive computer software and broad cooperation with other industries, provides the speed and professionalism in the execution of orders. The competitive advantages are the high level of creativity, a sense of aesthetics and vision that allows to create products of tomorrow.

Carmani does not treat orders by templates. Each customer is the one, most important thing. Customer needs are a priority and individually prepared design process, taking into account the best tools and design methods is an obvious follow up. Each project is a challenge and the beginning of a new form of research to measure customers’ needs.

Carmani is not limited to one style, but can easily adapt to the individual requirements. Designing process is a combination of traditional methods with modern computer technology. It closely tracks the market so that it is aware of current and the have to come prevailing trends. The projects have an impact on the appearance of the world. Special emphasis is placed on quality and unconventonality. Carmani is a strong brand on the market and individualism in it’s projects ensures uniqueness and originality.


Trade fairs

For many years Carmani has participated in trade fairs in Poland and abroad. We especially appreciate the participation in prestigious foreign trade fairs like HOMI in Milan, Maison & Objet in Paris, Ambiente in Frankfurt am Mein, and Mega Show in Hong Kong, where we have our exposition for a few years.



Paris / FRANCE

Maison&Objet are one of the most prestigious and important interior design, home decor, gifts and tableware accessory trade fairs in the world. It is therefore very clear that Carmani has to present in Paris. In january 2015 we have exhibited our new collection of products inspired by the paintings of the most known painters ever in existance.

HOMI - Fiera Milano

HOMI - Fiera Milano

Milano / ITALY

HOMI trade fair is a unique combination of the legacy of Macef yet mostly focusing on the modern man and his lifestyle. We are present in Milan since 2009. Each year we are revealing our prototypes and novelties to customers from all over the world. You can also admire our leading collections of glass and porcelain.



Munich / GERMANY

TrendSet trade fair are a prime example of very narrow and specialized fair. The main theme is again interior design, tableware decorations and utility art. Carmani brand has repeatedly visited Munich to present its wide range of interior design products and tableware decorations.



Hong Kong

To expand our business we plan to exhibit at decorations and interrior design trade fair in Hong Kong in a very near future.


In our offer You will find a wide range of high quality porcelain and glass products decorated with decal and 24 carat gold. We invite You to see our product collections.


Product catalog


Product catalog

Leonardo da Vinci

Product catalog

Kandinsky / Dissard

Product catalog



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We have two amazing display rooms located in Warsaw and Sosnowiec (Both in Poland, Europe). Visit us to get inspirations and guidance on your own decoration and display arrangements.

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